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Open World Level Designer


FarCry 6 is an open world first-person shooter game set in the fictional island of Yara.

My work spans multiple game regions, open-world activities and even a mission. I designed layouts, created visual scripts and worked with unique AI behaviours. I worked closely with Level Art, Narrative and other designers to cohesively create the world of Yara.


Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Co op and General Development Tester


Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an action-adventure game featuring an optional toys-to-life element.

My work on Starlink was primarily focused on testing all game systems during co op game sessions. This included mission behaviours, inventory management, combat experiences and more.


FarCry 5

Open World and Mission Development Tester


FarCry 5 is an open world first-person shooter game set in a fictional region of Montana, United States.

My work on FarCry 5 was primarily focused on testing a handful of missions and the locations in the northern region. Testing daily builds, providing descriptive bug reports, creating test plans, ensuring locations met design metrics and more.


Subway Terror

subway terror.JPG

A first person horror experience, featuring 4 different room settings within an abandoned subway tunnel. Try to escape the tunnel and keep your flashlight charged by collecting batteries. Explore the hospital room, the classroom, the Victorian house and haunted hallway.

Subway Terror was developed as an Oculus Rift Demo in one month by a small team of 3. The demo was created to be featured at the Niagara College booth at Comic Con in Niagara Falls.

My work on Subway Terror spanned from the initial concept design, through development, to finally showcasing it to public. I worked closely with another developer to design the levels, create the assets and program minor interactions and sounds.


Bakersville Band:
March for the Missing Melody


Join the Bakersville Band as they explore 4 unique environments on the journey to collect their lost sheet music. 

Bakersville Band was a capstone project for my final year at Niagara College. It is a 3rd person puzzle platforming game.

Players are required to solve basic puzzles and platforming challenges by using special abilities that each character has in relation to their own instrument.

My work on Bakersville Band spanned across many fields. This included concept design, project design documents, character modelling and rigging, creating a bank of hand-painted tileable textures, designing and programming the UI and more.

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